The Perfect Pastries Are Waiting for You in San Angelo, Texas

The Perfect Pastries Are Waiting for You in San Angelo, Texas

Visit Halfmann’s for éclairs, Danishes and other tasty treats

Are you in the mood for a delightful strawberry-filled snack pastry? Are you yearning for a cream-filled éclair? Halfmann’s Cake Cottage has a wide assortment of various pastries for you to choose from. You’ll love our beautiful selection of mouth-watering sweet and savory treats. We make everything fresh at our bakery in San Angelo, Texas. Whether you want a quick bite or a whole tray to take home, visit Halfmann’s Cake Cottage for delectable pastries today.

Fresh ingredients, fresh smiles

At Halfmann’s Cake Cottage, we create our pastries every day with a smile. A little bit of happiness is our number one ingredient. Visit our bakery today for delicious pastries in San Angelo, Texas. Take your pick from our selection of:

  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Sticky buns
  • Sausage kolache
  • Fruit kolache
  • Fruit pockets
  • Crescent rolls
  • Strudels
  • Danishes
  • Eclairs and cream puffs

There’s nothing like a fine pastry – and there’s nothing better than getting it from a local bakery. Get to know our sweet staff and take your pick of our delicious pastries! Want to place a large order? Call us at 325-949-3687.